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On April 17, 2018

Back to the day of April 6th

06.04.2018 | Boulogne-Billancourt, France Day 2 of Urbagora. April 6th 2018, Urbagora is changing locations to the business school ESSCA Paris. Close to 200 people participated at the six panel discussions about mobility. The day was divided into two time slots, with three conferences in the morning: New mobility solutions in deployment. Future mobility solutions
On April 17, 2018

Back to the day of April 5th

05.04.2018 | La défense, France April 5th 2018, first day of Urbagora at the Allianz Tour One. Around 200 participants from various backgrounds took part in this first edition, organized by the Megacities Institute. Cities of tomorrow are crucial concerns for the three founding members (Allianz, Bosch, GiPA). Because of the importance of the subject,
On April 5, 2018

Jacques Richier, president of Allianz France | His vision of future mobility

05.04.2018 | Paris, France Jacques Richier, president of Allianz France presented his vision of future mobility and the arising new challenges to the Agefi Hebdo. If Allianz wants to stay on top of the technological disruption, it has to evolve! To cite Mr. Richier directly: “To grasp the evolution of our business, we will set
On April 5, 2018

Odette DANTAS: Is the car industry ready for AI?

05.04.2018 | Paris, France Bosch, GiPA and the Megacities Institute were at the Connected Automotive Conference , March 13th 2018, at the Cloud Business Center in Paris. The Vice-President of the Megacities Institute and Country Manager France of GiPA, Odette Dantas spoke about the following issue: Is the automotive sector ready for artificial intelligence? Today
On February 28, 2018

Awards ceremony Digiprize | Cultiv’toit

02.13.2018 | Paris, France The Megacities Institute was honored to take part in the Digiprize organized by ESSCA and plenty of others partners. The event allows students, between the age of 17 and 25, to present their innovative digital business idea to an expert jury. This is a unique opportunity for these young entrepreneurs to
On February 12, 2018

Connected Automobile Conference 2018

12.02.2018 | Paris, France Odette Dantas, Vice president of the Megacities Institute speaks at the Connected Automobile Conference, 13th March 2018, in Paris. The CAC2018 is now considered a benchmark among all conferences regarding connected vehicles. For its 4th edition, the CAC2018 will deal with a core project of innovation and technology, the Artificial Intelligence.
On January 31, 2018

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Conference – Usine Nouvelle

16.11.2017 | Paris, France Franck Cazenave, President, and Odette Dantas, Vice President of Megacities Institute, participated in the Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Conference. They presented results of the global study in 20 cities on the mobility and urban life, involving 6,600 drivers. Today, drivers suffer from urban congestion, contributing to waste of time, pollution and
On January 30, 2018

IDEAS AMAI 2017, Mexico City

26.10.2017 | Mexico City, Mexico Franck Cazenave, Megacities Institute President, has been invited by AMAI, first professional association in Latin America focused on intelligence applied to business and social issues, at IDEAS AMAI 2017 Edition to present Megacities Institute researches on urban living. “The Megacities Institute gives a voice to citizens to understand their perception
On January 30, 2018

Autonomy, Paris

20.10.2017 | Paris, France Megacities Institute has completed its first research in 20 cities, in the World, on urban living and mobility. 6.600 car owners were interviewed by GiPA, Megacities Institute founding member, face to face in: China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin Europe: Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome and
On January 30, 2018

Megacities Institute partners with Digiprize

17.10.2017 | Paris, France Megacities Institute has partnered with Digiprize to stimulate projects that can solve urban problems. The Institute wants to promote new solutions, based on current and future technologies, to make these cities more welcoming to humans and, more generally, to all living species. “For the first time, Digiprize is hosting an NGO