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05.04.2018 | La défense, France

April 5th 2018, first day of Urbagora at the Allianz Tour One. Around 200 participants from various backgrounds took part in this first edition, organized by the Megacities Institute.

Cities of tomorrow are crucial concerns for the three founding members (Allianz, Bosch, GiPA). Because of the importance of the subject, the speeches of Jacques Richier, Heiko Carrie, Paulo Ferreira and Franck Cazenave received special appreciation.

J. Richier, President of Allianz France, focused on five main points, which are multimodal transport developments in cities, the cyber-risk as a key issue for the new mobility, the use of data property linked to the moving and individual vehicle, the infrastructures of the new mobility and overcoming of the legal uncertainty concerning the classification of the urban vehicles and the associated responsibilities.

H. Carrie, President of Bosch France & Benelux, pointed out that Bosch is a major player for city transformations with cameras, sensors, microprocessors but also with its 100% green energy scooters COUP. As a founding member of the Megacities Institute, Bosch confirms its interest in smarter, cleaner and more welcoming cities.

P. Ferreira, Vice-President Smart Cities at Bosch presented the most recent and future challenges for cities.

Finally, Franck Cazenave and Laurent Bertrandias, professor at the Toulouse Business School, explained the results of a large study conducted on more than 941 participants about urban pollution during the panel discussion improving urban life: How to decrease air pollution and noise? You can find more about the study here (written) or here (Presentation PDF).

For more information about the mobility, Urbagora: the uncertainties of tomorrow’s mobility (Only in French).

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