On April 17, 2018

Back to the day of April 6th

06.04.2018 | Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Day 2 of Urbagora. April 6th 2018, Urbagora is changing locations to the business school ESSCA Paris. Close to 200 people participated at the six panel discussions about mobility.

The day was divided into two time slots, with three conferences in the morning:

  • New mobility solutions in deployment.
  • Future mobility solutions thanks to autonomous vehicles.
  • Last mile delivery: an on-going revolution.

Then, three during the after-noon:

  • A new paradigm for public transport.
  • Cybersecurity, mandatory for Smart Cities.
  • Public & private parking: disruptive innovations and perspectives.

Start-ups, big companies, universities, students, city administrations and journalists meet-up to exchange their perspectives on the topics. Such diversity of speakers and participants transformed Urbagora into an enriching experience.

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