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IDEAS AMAI 2017, Mexico City

26.10.2017 | Mexico City, Mexico

Franck Cazenave, Megacities Institute President, has been invited by AMAI, first professional association in Latin America focused on intelligence applied to business and social issues, at IDEAS AMAI 2017 Edition to present Megacities Institute researches on urban living.

The Megacities Institute gives a voice to citizens to understand their perception of life quality in their city. In the first edition, we conducted this survey in 20 cities in the World. There are 4 Latin American cities among the study: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. It is a pleasure to share at IDEAS AMAI results on urban living and mobility, focusing on Latin America pains and opportunities to improve urban quality of life”, Franck Cazenave, President of the Megacities Institute.

Franck Cazenave talks with Salomon Chertorivski, Economic Development for Mexico City State, at AMAI IDEAS 2017 in Mexico City

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