On April 5, 2018

Jacques Richier, president of Allianz France | His vision of future mobility

05.04.2018 | Paris, France

Jacques Richier, president of Allianz France presented his vision of future mobility and the arising new challenges to the Agefi Hebdo.

If Allianz wants to stay on top of the technological disruption, it has to evolve! To cite Mr. Richier directly: “To grasp the evolution of our business, we will set up six ecosystems in the coming months. After the pilot ecosystem “My mobility”, which launched November 6th, “My health” was born in January 2018. As motor insurer, we have to be prepared to insure mobility.”

Plenty of stakeholders are included in this project: car manufacturers, start-ups, equipment manufacturers, telecommunications operators, cities, associations, etc…

When we talk about mobility, we need to understand all kind of movements (on the ground, in the air and on water) are taken into account. Nevertheless, innovative changes are coming from two-(bicycles, electric bicycles, scooters…) and four-wheels-vehicles. Notably in France with Paris’ aim to eradicate all petrol cars by 2030.

Lastly, president J. Richier points out that “Allianz cannot ignore the urban developments that the Megacities Institute, of which we are a part, is studying, nor the small growth trends related to new use cases and the collaborative economy. Because we have to find business in new areas and because there will not be enough space for everyone.”

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