On April 5, 2018

Odette DANTAS: Is the car industry ready for AI?

05.04.2018 | Paris, France

Bosch, GiPA and the Megacities Institute were at the Connected Automotive Conference , March 13th 2018, at the Cloud Business Center in Paris.

The Vice-President of the Megacities Institute and Country Manager France of GiPA, Odette Dantas spoke about the following issue: Is the automotive sector ready for artificial intelligence?

Today more than 55% of the population live in urban areas, and it will increase to over 70% by 2030.
When talking about connected vehicles, it is essential to mention the environment in which cars will evolve. In fact, in 2030, more than 100 cities will be populated with 5 million inhabitants or more. The complex interaction on ground, the progressing developments and the inner-city flows are all crucial aspects for the stakeholders of this revolution. To better understand the needs of the urban development, GiPA conducted a large study with 6000 participants about the urban disruptive factors in 20 cities, 10 of which are megacities (= more than 10 million inhabitants).

Three main points stood out from the survey. All of them are connected to the automotive sector:

graphique nuissances en ville

Source 1 : Results GiPA ATO drivers study 2017 Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Mexico, Russia and the UK

In conclusion, the results of the study confirm the initial vision of Megacities Institute: it is vital to reconsider mobility and the way we are consuming it. Among other important subjects, we will be addressing New Mobility Solutions at our upcoming event Urbagora, April 6th.

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