On April 17, 2018

Results of the study on urban life and automobile mobility

17.04.2018 | La défense, France

In 2017, the Megacities Institute conducted a study about urban life and automotive mobility. Following the results, which identified air pollution as a major problem in France, the Institute decided to dedicate an entire study to the topic. With the active help and support from the Toulouse Business School (TBS) and Mr. Bertrandias, professor at TBS, we could conducts a survey with more than 941 participants from all over France.

Results shows that air pollution is the first nuisance (and shares this place with the issue of uncivil behavior and soiling) with 86% of respondents indicating a suffering from it. The podium is completed by car traffic (82%) and noise disturbance (73%). No surprise, 46% of Parisians suffer “a lot” from air pollution vs. only 38% in greater Paris and 30% in the rest of France indicate such a suffering.

85% of the French people mention a worry about the long-term health repercussions. To decrease the negative effects of air pollution, 88% of the interviewees want active fight against air pollution. Today, 64% are satisfied by the air quality measurement. In addition, 86% of the French respondents are interesting in real-life data about air pollution in their exact location. Furthermore, 12% are willing to pay a monthly fee for this kind of service.

Please find all additional information about the results of our study on our website in the press section or watch the video (in French) on our YouTube channel.

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